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Do you have a product or service you want to offer the South Florida Water Management District? Would you like to submit a bid for work on a District project? The District purchases goods and services from vendors throughout the state and nationwide. This helps us tap into the expertise and versatility offered by private businesses and the entrepreneurial community while controlling costs, expanding opportunities in the communities we serve and reaching out to small businesses.

Purchase orders and agreements are governed by the agency's commitment to quality, cost effectiveness, efficiency and fairness in a competitive arena as well as adherence to applicable statutes, rules and regulations. Officers and employees of the District are governed by the Florida Code of Ethics for Public Officers and Employees.

Our procurement process is streamlined to simplify doing business with us. We invite you to register your business and explore the current solicitations/business opportunities available.

Other Opportunities

To further protect water resources, we encourage local governments and community or business groups to become partners with the South Florida Water Management District in developing water conservation or alternative water supply projects. We can offer technical guidance and, in some cases, funding assistance.



Small Business Enterprise (SBE)

Small businesses play a big role in our state economy. Now, through implementation of the South Florida Water Management District's Small Business Enterprise (SBE) Rule 40E-7, Part VI, F.A.C., these firms have increased opportunities to participate in projects and initiatives that are important to our region.

The program offers additional consideration to small business enterprises in the District solicitation process. The rule includes provisions for bid equalization, sheltered markets, points for SBE participation in proposals and SBE subcontract participation goals.

To participate, firms must be certified by the District and must demonstrate that the three-year average gross receipts of the business, together with its affiliates, does not exceed $13 million for construction, $5 million for commodities and $6 million for services.

Business/Vendor Registration

Your interest in doing business with the South Florida Water Management District is welcomed. To become a registered vendor in our database, please take a few moments to read the Vendor Manual, How to do Business with the District [PDF], and complete and return the Business/Vendor Registration Application (brief instructions and application forms below). In addition to registration procedures, the Vendor Manual [PDF] contains important information about SFWMD procurement policy and procedures.

When completing the Application, please make sure to include your Federal Tax Identification or Social Security Number and the five (5) digit code of the commodities or services that you are interested in providing to the SFWMD. You can find those codes on the Commodity Code List [PDF]. We appreciate your interest and look forward to doing business with you.

Notification of Social Security Number Collection and Usage
In compliance with Florida Statue 119.071 (5), the District is providing Contractors with notice that it collects the Social Security numbers of those independent contractors without a Federal Employer Identification Number for the purpose of reporting income as required by law.

Return your completed Application (forms linked below) as an email attachment to, or fax to (561) 682-5133.


Vendor Payment Search

Our Vendor Payment Website provides information about District disbursements to Vendors.

Users may:
  • Search for payments to District Vendors from June 2006 to the current date, using the Recipient name
  • View payment totals for a District Vendor and drill down to detailed information, including payment dates and amounts

Start Vendor Payment Search

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