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Preparing Year-Round

If you haven't lived in Florida for long, you may not know that our climate has two seasons: wet and dry. Flood and drought are frequent visitors, the result of too much or too little rain. In any year, drought can happen during the wet season, and flooding can occur when we least expect a downpour. Weather in South Florida has a way of ignoring the calendar and expectations of "normal."

Population Growth Affects Water Management

The likelihood of flooding and water shortages increases with development and population growth. Land development has led to the loss of open expanses of wetlands, which are needed to hold excess water so it can recharge groundwater. Without wetlands and open spaces, rainfall accumulates quickly and drains off of land paved with roads and covered by homes and shopping centers. A growing population also increases demand on our shared water resources. Even though demand can ebb and flow at different times of the year, overall water supplies don't change much.

Planning for Future Needs

We carefully plan for both drought and flood, as do most other local and state governments charged with managing water. Part of that planning includes finding more places to safely store excess water, exploring new sources for drinking water supplies and protecting and restoring existing natural water resources.


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