Water is a shared resource that interconnects the environment, economy and our quality of life in South Florida. Just as abundant water gives vitality to the region, a lack of water strains natural resources, stifles economic growth and periodically disrupts our daily routines. As Florida's population increases, so does the need for all residents to conserve.

Water conservation increases the available water supply from existing sources to support new economic growth. It is also more immediate, significantly less costly and more energy efficient than developing new sources of water.

Saving water is easy and economical. On this page, you'll find many ways to conserve water both inside and outside your home.

Where does our drinking water come from? [PDF]

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small water star logo Become a Florida Water Star
Florida Water Star is a voluntary, points-based certification program that recognizes and encourages water use efficiency in single-family homes. Florida Water Star certification means your property meets fundamental criteria for efficiently using water in residential irrigation, landscape design, and indoor water-using fixtures and appliances. more »

Save water; save Money! Save water; save money!
Fix leaks as soon as possible. Begin with an indoor audit. Do dye tablet or food coloring tests in toilets to check for hidden leaks. Be sure to flush the coloring after 10-15 minutes to prevent staining. Outdoors, check for broken or misaligned sprinkler heads. Get step-by-step instructions for repairing leaks. more »

District Publications District Publications and Web Sites
Do you need professionally written and designed publications to share with neighbors, your family or guests? Here is a collection of fact sheets and brochures that you can easily download and print for your own use. more »

Compute Your Use Compute Your Use... And See How Much You Can Save
Ever wonder how much water you and your family use in a typical day? The Water Conservation Calculator will add it up for you and show you how much you could save with more efficient fixtures and appliances. more »

Florida-Friendly Landscaping Florida-Friendly Landscaping: Tips for the Home Gardener
Did you know that many households use as much as half of their total water consumption on irrigation? Here are some ways you can become YardSmart by saving water outdoors. more »

Recycle the Rain Recycle the Rain
A how-to guide by the Southwest Florida Water Management District that illustrates how to make and install a rain barrel. more »

Miami-Dade Rain Barrel Workshops

EPA WaterSense EPA WaterSense
The South Florida Water Management District is partnering with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to bring you WaterSense. It is a national program that offers a simple way to choose appliances and other products that use less water – and perform as well or better than what you may already have in your home or business. more »

Ideas for Condo and Homeowner Associations (HOA) Ideas for Condo and Homeowner Associations
Are you on the Board of Directors for your condominium or homeowners association? Here are guidelines and suggestions for making sure that your neighborhood is helping to conserve water. more »

When can I water my lawn - Learn More

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