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Florida's Unpredictable Weather

If you live here, you know. South Florida is a land of extreme weather. Our 16-county region from Orlando to the Florida Keys has experienced the highs of torrential rains and the lows of extended droughts, all within a matter of months. Such dramatic changes in weather can result in many different emergency situations, such as flash flooding, brush fires and tornadoes, all of which call for expert emergency readiness. Unpredictable weather – and its potential for destruction – requires a network of resources, people and experience that can respond with skill and speed.

We're Ready. Are You?

Emergency management is critical to the South Florida Water Management District's mission of managing the water resources for 7.7 million people. We are often widely recognized for flood control during hurricanes, and we train year round to stay prepared. Are you prepared?


Coordination with Other Agencies

South Florida Water Management District employees work closely with state emergency responders and teams from other agencies to report damage and request necessary assistance as quickly and safely as possible. If flooding seems likely, the South Florida Water Management District communicates with secondary drainage districts that are responsible for local drainage and localized water conditions when flood waters seem imminent. Our daily monitoring allows first responders to take fast, accurate action when the storm clouds roll in.


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  • Doug Bass, Emergency Operations & Security Manager
    (561) 682-6218
  • Veronica Anderson, Emergency Management Specialist
    (561) 682-6542
  • Jane Tatum, Emergency Management Administrative Assistant
    (561) 682-2215
  • Florida County Emergency ManagementClick for County Contacts »

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