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Mitigation activities include the modification of a project to avoid or minimize wetland impacts and compensation for wetland impacts that are unavoidable. Compensation expressed as "credits" can involve a variety of activities including habitat creation, restoration, enhancement, preservation or management, which may subsequently be withdrawn to offset unavoidable wetland impacts that incurred at a project development site.

Lands acquired for mitigation programs are used to encourage the establishment of private and public mitigation banks and off-site regional mitigation areas. Under the public/private contract, targeted public lands will be restored and endowed for their perpetual management by the South Florida Water Management District, and revenues will be generated for both the SFWMD and its private partners.

SFWMD Mitigation Banks: Environmental and Fiscal Benefits

Mitigation banks are restored, managed and permanently protected lands that contain wetlands. In advance of development actions, mitigation banks give developers approved alternatives to offset unavoidable wetland impacts while still contributing to the protection and restoration of South Florida's wetland ecosystems.

Florida's mitigation banking rule Chapter 62-342 Mitigation Banks encouraged each water management district to establish two mitigation banks. The use of mitigation and mitigation banking offers opportunities to supplement funding of the South Florida Water Management District's land acquisition, restoration and management programs.

The selected mitigation bank sites include the Loxahatchee Mitigation Bank in Palm Beach County and the Corkscrew Regional Mitigation Bank in Lee County. more »
Corkscrew Regional Mitigation Bank »
Loxahatchee Mitigation Bank »
Regional Areas

This information is specific to two mitigation projects: Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed (CREW), located in Lee and Collier counties, and Pennsuco, in Miami-Dade County. Up until 2004, many applicants proposed to contribute funds to the District in lieu of performing mitigation themselves or purchasing credits from a mitigation bank. The District was authorized to accept cash contributions only for a Governing Board endorsed mitigation project that had necessary permits under Part IV, Chapter 373, F.S. (Section 373.414). The two mitigation sites no longer accept mitigation funds but continue as expenditure sites.

Mitigation funds are used to acquire and enhance lands already identified and approved as potential acquisition sites. The advantages of buying from an already published list are two-fold. First, a conceptual enhancement and management plan is already in place for the subject property. Second, management and wildlife value of the purchased property is enhanced when it is contiguous with other publicly managed lands.

Corkscrew Regional Ecosystem Watershed (CREW) Regional Mitigation Area »
Pennsuco Regional Mitigation Area »
Offsite Mitigation Program

Under Chapter 373.414 the water management districts may accept the donation of money as mitigation where the donation is specified in a duly noticed environmental creation, preservation, enhancement, or restoration project, endorsed by the governing board. As part of the adoption of the District's Save Our Rivers 2000 Plan, the Governing Board approved use of regional mitigation activities in the East Coast Buffer, DuPuis, CREW, Shingle and Reedy Creeks (see page 8 of the Plan). This form of mitigation allows the District to direct mitigation dollars where they benefit the South Florida ecosystem.

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Shingle Creek 
Miami-Dade Lake Belt 

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