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Real-time Data

Information posted on these pages represents data provided through the districts telemetry and remote sensing technologies. Regional areas are grouped according to operational responsibility as well as areas of specific interest. Upstream and downstream water levels are provided for water control structures. Pump station activity is recorded by a specific pump in terms of its rpm value. Gated structures are described as opening in feet by the specific gate. Flashboard bays are identified in terms of elevation in feet - NGVD National Geodetic Vertical Datum.

Stage information is posted for independent surface water sites in terms of feet, NGVD. Site recordings are also consolidated as State information. (i.e. "3 Pumps On@750rpm" "All Gates Closed" "Average Bay Elevation=1.5" )

Coastal sites reflect water levels on the inland and coastal sides rather than in upstream, downstream terms.

Coastal Sites Lake Okeechobee Big Cypress Basin Water Conservation Areas Everglades National Park Homestead Miami Ft Lauderdale West Palm Beach Ft Pierce Okeechobee Clewiston Kissimmee Coastal Sites Everglades Agricultural Areas Stormwater Treatment Areas


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