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Florida Land Elevations

If you were to travel 250 miles from central Florida south to the Florida Keys, the change in land elevation you would experience is only 50 feet, a change that is almost imperceptible. This might make South Florida seem like a flat and featureless plain rimmed with beaches – but it's much more than that!

Diverse Habitats

Across our landscape, great diversity has come from very small changes in soils, moisture and elevation. From mangrove swamps along Florida's coasts to inland cypress swamps within wet pine flatwoods, you'll discover a wide variety of habitats in South Florida's Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades ecosystem. These habitats are home to an array of species of native plants and wildlife.

At the top of this page, take an interactive visual tour of the types of habitats and wildlife found in South Florida's unique mosaic of ecosystems. Be sure to select the View Panoramic option for each habitat, then click on the four icons that appear, and review each one to learn more about the animals, plants and recreational opportunities found within each habitat.

Water Impacts Habitat and Wildlife

Water levels and the period of time soil remains dry or saturated help determine which plant and animal species thrive in different types of ecosystems. Monitoring and research help us to balance management and restoration activities to optimize short- and long-term results.

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